All dogs have a superpower: their sense of smell.  It is their primary sense and it informs all of their experiences.  Scent work simply allows dogs to use their noses to locate objects that we can not see, yet they can smell.  Usually we expect dogs to defer to us.  We ask them to sit, wait, jump over this, and shake that.  However, with scent work we are giving them the freedom to problem solve, make decisions, and become the expert.  It is no surprise that as dogs become adept at this sport, they become more confident and mature.

I am passionate about Scent Work and I feel that the sport can benefit all dogs and their handlers. This is an activity for all dogs:  shy dogs, hyper dogs, small dogs, and big dogs.  All dogs have one thing in common, they love to sniff.  Scent work harnesses that joy into a team sport.  I actively train and trial with my dog and I provide a full range of Scent Work classes.  The information in this website will help any team succeed in the sport

Unleash your Dog's Superpower

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