Generalization and proofing is how your dog can become more confident searching in  any conditions.  Basically, we want to introduce distractors at a very low level and then increase the difficulty slowly.  For these searches, it is important that the dog is very clear about the rules of the game, that the searches are easy, and that the payoff is big (use high value treats or heavy feeding).   
Every dog has different distractors and I am sure that you know exactly what your dog likes.  It will help immensely if you can number these distractors.  Distractors generally come in two flavors: food and environmental.  
Here is a (partial) list of Iona’s FOOD DISTRACTORS: 
1. carrots or lettuce
2. kibble
3. pita chips / cookies
4. dog treats
5. cheese
6. peanut butter
7. steak
8. bully stick
9. something dead
10. cat poop
1. Toys in the search area
2. People walking by with rolling carts or with backpacks
3. Interesting Smells
4. Other dogs
5. Other dogs pee
6. Kids
7. Swimming pools
8. Dead animals
9 . Cat poop
10. Flies, Lizards, bunny rabbits, squirrel. 
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