Dream Searching

I had an interesting dream last night and I am sure that it was influenced by this video of Sarah and Tucker.  Watch it and you will see that Tucker is busy sourcing a hide while Sarah tries to get him to move out of the search area.  He ignores her and finishes his job!  I fell asleep last night wondering if Iona would do the same.  

I know that blogging about dreams is a bit self indulgent, but I might have had a good idea.  So here it is:  In my dream, I was at a workshop given by Ron Gaunt.  He is the father of this sport and though I sadly did not meet him before his passing, I feel a strange affinity to him because he also had Brittanies.  In this drearm, he came up with this exercise where were supposed to search our dog in a blank area, then call finish without finding any hides.  Then we would lead them out of the blank area right past a massive scent cone.  Hopefully they would pull us to source and then get paid.  There was also all kinda weird dream stuff, ie we were searching in an area where the trees were actively being trimmed.  And there was an extreme elevated hide that was beautifully detailed to source by a Giraffe!

I am not really sure if this exercise is a great idea, as I really like it that Iona only hunts for odor when we are actively searching.  (For example, I can walk her right past warm up boxes at a trial without her pulling me over). However this exercise might help with increased independence and odor obedience when the handler is obviously wrong.  Regardless, I will give it a shot and then report back to you.  

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