When you are setting hides, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal.  This is how I organize my kit so that I am always ready to go!

Here is where I store all my Oil.  I made this kit because my old one was leaking smell really badly and I needed an extra space for Cypress (AKC uses this odor at the Master level).  In each of the jars, there are scented cotton balls with a few q-tips.  Each oil tube has its own lid and the droppers are stored separately.  There is a small tweezer for handling q-tips.  I should also note that when I am transferring oil with the droppers, I use gloves and make sure that I am in an area where it would not be catastrophic if I spill. 

I use tins a lot for class because there is a lot less residual odor with them.  Also, they are great for vehicles and for quick and easy searches.  I do store them all in this Pelican case together and the odors do end up mixing together some.  This is a positive for my intro class because when I start them on the birch tins they easily move on to Anise and Clove at later classes.  Birch is Silver, Anise is Black, and Clove is Red.  They all have magnets.  I do find that the q-tips in these tins tend to degrade rather quickly and I just toss them regularly and replace them with fresh ones. 

Finally, this is my traveling kit.  These are large pill fobs that are waterproof and they do not leak odor.  I keep a variety of shrink tubes in each one and I find that they keep their odor for a long time.  Below the red canister, you can see a few different shrink tubes all stuck together.  Each odor has a separate canister.  I also have tweezers, quake hold, and a smoke pencil.   What else do you have in your kit?

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