Pasadena Detective Trial


Last Friday, Iona and I competed in a detective trial!  She worked really well and we got one Q!  This was the first trial that the South Coast Vizsla Club put on and it was really well organized and it was easy to maintain COVID precautions.  Here is the video for our first search.  As you can see the search area was quite large, but the hides were all fair.  The altar area was out of bounds. 

And here is our second search of the day.  Iona was searching really nicely, but ended up false alerting in a damp cool corner that was collecting pooling odor.  Interestingly, most all the dogs that ran this search alerted there.  In retrospect, I should have been a bit more methodical when I returned to the exterior portion however I was very pleased with our performance and teamwork on this search.  She really did a great job on the interior. 

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