This game is perhaps the most important game that we play with Iona.  It enables us to take her places off leash safely because it builds the foundations of a solid recall by making running to humans fun.  Also, it is the most efficient way to exercise her.  

Basically, all you need is a large open field and two people with food. Here Dani holds Iona while I call her and then we switch. 

Since Iona knows this game well, she eagerly runs back and forth between us.  We make it fun by hiding while she is not looking.  I will also change things up by sending her out (telling her, “go find Dani”) before I release her. 

When I am alone with her, I will just wait till she is busy and not noticing me and then run to the other side of the field and call her.  This works well and it ensures that she always keeps an eye on me. 

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