“My Puppy Rain and I have been taking scent work lessons with Noah for about 4 months now and we LOVE it! Noah is a patient teacher and an encouraging coach. He gives homework each week and sends after class summaries and videos to help his students progress. I went to the first class just expecting to work with my puppy in a distracting environment but because of Noah’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport, we are now hooked!”​ – Marla Cooper, MA, AKC CGC EVALUATOR, CPDT-KSA CTDI

“So, what do you do when you have a painfully shy, three pound Chihuahua that is quite literally afraid of her own shadow? A friend suggested I get her involved in scent work. I didn’t know what this was, and she explained it was a sport meant to mimic search and rescue types of situations. I was intrigued, because the dog works by his/herself and on leash. She recommended Noah Gaines as she had taken classes from Noah with her dog. Noah is fantastic! He really thinks outside the box to find ways for you and your dog to succeed. His calm demeanor and obvious dedication to the sport is inspiring. What I really appreciate as that like any good trainer, his goal is to train the humans how to effectively and successfully work with their dogs. His classes are enjoyable, and completely engrossing! With less than a year’s worth of classes, my dog is much more confident. That’s the biggest take away from all this, is her increased boldness and all the fun we have participating in this sport. Thank you so much, Noah.” – Julie Birmingham,  Dog Lover

“With a very active dog who found obedience much too slow, and was always hunting with her nose to the ground I thought nose work might be a good fit. Noah introduced us to a fun and exciting sport that is perfect for us! He is a calm, positive, supportive trainer who teaches the handlers at least as much as the dogs. His on-the-spot advice and great homework and videos helped me learn how to read my Brittany’s signals and gave me useful strategies to get the best from her, while making every class enjoyable and beneficial. He responds quickly and cheerfully to all of my email questions between classes and has encouraged us to compete with considerable success. Noah’s classes have strengthened the bond and teamwork between Rowan and I which carries over into everything we do together.”​ – Jean Anton, Brittany Wrangler

Noah is the best. I loved him the first time we met. He says hi to me every week at class and makes my tail wag. Noah hides stuff for me to find. Sometimes they are easy for me to sniff out and sometimes not so much. But Noah always cheers for me when I get it right. He’s a good human, that Noah, and. . . . he has a great dog – Iona. She’s the best searcher ever . . . and great fun to play with. – Rio the Wonderdog

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