Three Hides, High Wind

Iona and I were practicing three hide searches today in preparation for an AKC excellent trial this coming weekend.  Danielle set these hides for us and I did not know where they were.  The conditions were a little unique for Santa Barbara, the wind was high, and this area was sheltered, forming quite a lot of swirling.  You can see Iona caught the first and second hides quickly. However she started to cast about pretty wide for the third hide and I brought her back into the search area. The most interesting moment in the search occurred at 0:55 when she stuck her nose in a hole and paused for a second.  At the time, it was really obvious to me that this was not an alert and I did not call it.  However, when I watch this video, it does not seem all that obvious.  Why do you think that I didn’t blurt “alert” on this one?  

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