What to Bring to Class

I am currently not teaching this course as a group class.  If you are interested in private instruction (in person or online) please contact me.  

Be prepared to have your dog comfortably staked out or crated for portions of the class.

DO bring medium and high value treats for your dog.  I use steak, chicken, cheese, or Happy Howies for high value treats.  I use commercially available treats as a medium value treat. It is important that these treats do not fall apart and are bite sized.

Please bring water and food for yourself and a bowl for your dog. There is a water fountain and bathroom at the facility. 

I will provide the odor for every class.  There is no need for you to bring odor or anything that is hot. 

For future homework assignments you will need.

1. Odor:  I recommend ordering through: http://k9nwsource.com.  The first odor I got was wrong so I make sure that I order through reliable people.  I would recommend a kit with birch, anise and clove if you are serious about this sport.  DO NOT SPILL the oil and please wait to get your dogs on the other odors.  Please let me know if you get a kit and I can show you how to make your own q-tips.
2. ORT or Pizza boxes.
3. Tins with holes
4. Shrink tubes/straws and Quake Hold.
5. A 8 to 10 foot leash fixed leash (no flexis).  http://palominelines.com is what I use. They are easy to clean, but slippery.  It doesn’t really matter what it is made of, but you will need a long line.
6. The more enthusiastic dogs (you know who you are) will need a harness that clips in the back. http://julius-k9.com and http://comfortflexharness.com work well.  Some dogs never pull hard enough to need one while others DEFINITELY need one.

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