Intro to Odor

I am currently not teaching intro to odor class as a group class, however I do over private (or small group) classes online or in person.  Contact me if you are interested. 

While your dog can usually wait with you for the majority of the class, there will be times when you will want to leave them for a number of reasons.  So please be prepared to have your dog comfortably staked out, crated, or hanging out in your car for short periods of time.

Please do not bring any choke collars, prong collars, citronella collars, e-collars, etc. to class.

DO bring low, medium and high value treats for your dog.  I use Happy Howies, steak, chicken and cheese for high value treats.  I use commercially available treats as a medium value treat.  I use kibble for a low value treat.  It is important that these treats do not fall apart and are bite sized.  After the first few classes, you will be able to determine what treats work best for your dog.  Sometimes dogs get overwhelmed by a treat that is just too good and can’t focus, sometimes they wont work for just kibble.  Now is NOT the time to skimp on quantity or quality!  You will likely need a bunch of treats for this class.  Make sure to bring water for your thirsty dog. 

For in person classes, I will provide scented Q-tips in a glass jar.  I will also give you a few scent vessels (tin and some shrink tube).  The q-tips will go in the scent vessels and this is what your dog will be searching for! Please do NOT bring this jar back to any subsequent classes.  Your kit is for you to use at home only.  It is important that I am the only one with odor for all the classes. 

For future homework assignments you will need a few more items, but I will provide clarification during class.

In the mean time, check out this awesome TED talk about how your dog’s nose works.

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