Our Story

Underdog Scent Work is just me (Noah) and my dog (Iona).  As a pup, it was obvious that Iona needed a job and that the job was going to involve finding things.  Her favorite game is to find hidden toys.  Scent work is the perfect sport for her.  When she is searching, it is like she is wearing a super hero cape.  By teaching Iona scent work we have forged a stronger bond.  Moreover, she has developed confidence, and I have learned to be more patient and clear with my communication.


Iona is a 7 year old Epagneul Breton.  In the US, the breed is commonly known as a French Brittany.  While they were originally bred to hunt small game, Brittanys are extremely versatile and excel in most all sports. Iona came to us from Sun Country Bretons.  They breed fabulous hunting dogs. Iona is extremely fast and accurate in this sport and has won multiple high in trial placements.  She has earned the following titles:
NACSW: NW1, NW2, L1E, L1I, L2I
Her favorite activity is hunting lizards.


Working with dogs is a joy for me and I feel so lucky to be able to teach scent work.  I have a deep interest in how to best use cues and feedback to promote learning in both dogs and humans. 

When not playing with Iona, I enjoy birding, rock climbing, and SCUBA diving. 

Scent Work

Think of a smell that you love: freshly mowed grass, wet pavement after the rain, a specific perfume.  It is not the smell itself that is enjoyable, but the memories attached to that smell.  By combining the smell of Birch with a positive emotional state, you can teach your dog to LOVE searching. Your dog will start searching for Birch oil and will progress to Anise and Clove.  Using the same training methods, you can teach your dog to search for anything, including items with your scent.

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